Bathroom Update (Before and After!)


I actually tackled a big project this weekend! Woo hoo, my own before and after. It was not exactly fun, but fairly rewarding, until the last step when I tried to hang a towel bar and ran into all kinds of issues, and I ultimately spackled over the whole mess and need to touch up the paint now. Will have to stick with the over-the-door towel hanger for now. Sigh.

Anyway, if I can take a step back from that, overall I’m really happy with the bathroom update! Yellow in itself is not a bad color for the bathroom, but this shade was just kind of neon and ugly and worse, chipping and peeling. I’d tried to make the bathroom cute when my boyfriend moved here back in late January, but the white shower curtain and bath mat quickly got grungy, so I avoided white this time around. I also wanted to pull in all the blue from the rest of the house, without doing MORE blue walls. So they’re gray. With lots of blue in the shower curtain and decor.

It’s not perfect or beautiful by any means, and I as usual, I bought what was cheap (I would have liked a larger mirror, for instance). But at least I no longer have to keep all my stuff on the toilet, and the paint isn’t peeling, and it just feels more cohesive with the rest of the house. And at least I don’t have to stare at that ugly wicker-framed mirror. New toilet seat too! I’d wanted to change it when I first moved in but I was just buying so much stuff I didn’t get around to it right away. Of course cleaning the entire bathroom helped too. I plan to take a luxurious, candle-lit bath tonight…to soak all the paint off my skin.



Not pictured: There’s a white armoire-type thing in a nook behind the door that’s nothing special but provides a lot of additional storage. Just FYI.

While I’m at it, more recent pictures of the kitchen:




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