A Day for De-Stressing

Yesterday I needed to de-stress and center myself. I don’t even fully know what I mean by “center myself” except that I needed to find some kind of balance. The people I know who tend to handle stress the best seem to have very rich personal lives to balance out their professional lives. Church, family, friends, sports, and other outlets. I feel like I need to create my own rich personal life, especially now that I’m somewhere new. I decided to make the most of this weekend and do all the things I love, without cramming so much in that it becomes stressful in itself. Yesterday involved:

Going to the dog park and nature trail in the morning
Eating at an Indian buffet for lunch
Spending the early afternoon lounging and even napping
Visiting the downtown library for the first time and getting a new library card
Reading outside in a park downtown, starting with a book on Unitarian Universalism
Going to a Mexican restaurant for dinner with my boyfriend and sitting outside in the sun
Watching Cloud Atlas last night before falling asleep





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