The Secrets

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A happy day. More lighthearted than usual. It started when I woke up easily this morning, didn’t crave coffee, and even fit in a little exercise and reading before work. Continued through the day and into the evening, where I finished an Agatha Christie murder mystery in my favorite room while sipping raspberry zinger tea in my only teacup and nibbling on what I imagined to be a very English spread – toast with marmalade, scones, and blackberries.

photo (10)

(My “favorite” room changes from week to week but right now it’s the guest room. When it’s tidy, it’s my retreat. Sort of old fashioned and generally free of electronics. Inspired by old bed and breakfasts, and the Mediterranean…and just a little feminine.)

No. No, my good mood began last night, when I got ready for bed early and did some reading before going to sleep at a decent hour.

A clean house. A good night’s sleep. A good book. Good food. And good people around you. These are the secrets to happiness.



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