In This Kitchen


In this kitchen, I started my day, unloading the dishwasher and sipping a cup of coffee.

In this kitchen, I rummaged through every cupboard and drawer and pulled out a large box full of items to give away, creating a disaster area in the process.

In this kitchen I put everything that was staying back in its place, wiped out drawers (apparently I’d never opened the one under stove, yeesh), swept, and even used some baking soda and vinegar, even though I’ve yet to properly make my own cleaning supplies.


In this kitchen I cooked lunch – whole wheat pasta and spicy marinara with steamed broccoli – before heading off to the grocery store to buy more food for this kitchen.

In this kitchen I created yet another disaster area when I returned with said groceries and decided to bake bread, boil potatoes, boil eggs, cook oatmeal, and mix up some muesli for the week.


In(to) this kitchen I brought a lamp, because the ceiling light has burned out, and it turns out, having a lamp is this kitchen is warm and atmospheric and now this kitchen needs a tiny lamp tucked into a corner somewhere.

In this kitchen I cleaned up the whole damn mass once again.

In this kitchen I spent my day.



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