It’s Okay

For me, it’s important to find daily inspiration in the little things. That’s not much of a revelation. What is new is that I’m starting to recognize that “finding inspiration” must be treated as an ongoing process that ebbs and flows and changes constantly. And that’s okay.

Sometimes I get a lot of joy, or at least, satisfaction from deep cleaning, organizing, and decorating around the house. Other times, that’s the last thing I want to do. The pleasure simply isn’t there. That’s when it’s time to get out of the house for a while. Disconnect. Read a book.

Sometimes I’m into baking bread, trying new recipes, or prepping a weeks’ worth of food in a single night. Cooking can feel inspired, fun, and motivating. Other times, I might go for a week relying on more convenient options, eating really simple meals, snacking on little things, or going out to restaurants and even, gasp, picking up fast food. My attention shifts elsewhere, and I’d rather, say, spend more time outdoors and less time in the kitchen.

Throughout my years blogging, I’ve gone through periods where I like to take outfit pictures or self-portraits; usually I’m making an effort to step up my beauty routine or update my personal style. Maybe I’m experimenting with natural products or some other new approach. Then the excitement wanes and there’s not much to document for a while and…I move on. To other daily inspiration.

None of this is news, but what I think I’m only just starting to grasp is that the inconsistency is okay. It’s okay to let the inspiration flow freely, to let passions come and go, to give more attention to one area and less in another, and then come back to it again later when I feel like it. Otherwise I’m left trying to be superwoman, wondering why I can’t find the hours in the day to do it all.

I can do it all, but not all at once (as someone said…).

And I don’t need to force it. The funny thing is, the passion returns. When I’ve destroyed the kitchen for the 10th time in a week and I hate the sight of mixing bowls and dirty dishes and I can’t fathom spending another minute behind the stove…it’s time to step away. Strangely enough, I will want to be there again, creating a whole new mess, before much longer.


Today I enjoyed bringing my taco salad leftovers to work for lunch. The best part was the avocado (packed separately), which felt really luxurious to cut up and eat at my desk.

taco salad

Today’s outfit. A dress I love. Looking at this picture I can already envision wearing it with simple black pumps and a blazer for a different look. Between this dress and my recently purchased black shift dress (both bought at major discounts), I can confirm Calvin Klein makes my favorite dresses for work. I also realized I get better lighting for taking outfit pictures in my bedroom, though I have to deal with a smaller mirror.



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