No Pining in Pine Mountain


When my boyfriend and I talked about going somewhere nearby and budget-friendly for a three-day weekend to satisfy my vacation/travel urges, I turned to the web – Google led me to Pine Mountain, TripAdvisor helped me explore our options for visiting, and Pinterest helped me collect and bookmark anything I could find that helped me plan our trip. See my Pine Mountain, GA Pinterest board here. It was so fun seeing my internet search and planning come to fruition with a nice little getaway last week. I just wanted to go somewhere that felt disconnected from my daily life. Somewhere I could get fresh air. Nothing fancy or even well-known, just a small town with a cute downtown and some outdoor excursions.

On Friday we visited Callaway Gardens and did the “TreeTop Adventure,” which turned out to be a pretty challenging obstacle course in the trees (ziplining was the easy part). That night we had dinner at the adorable Rose Cottage Cafe, where I returned for a croissant and coffee the next morning. Saturday I explored a charming strip of antique shops before we rode horses up Pine Mountain–also not as easy as I expected. For dinner we went to Bon Vivant Cafe. In the evenings we had fun just vegging out, munching on junk food, and even playing Monopoly on a tablet! The drive to and from (a little under four hours each way) was really scenic too, and that’s part of what I was craving: to get in a car and just go, for hours, for fun.

The people we met were very nice, the weather was perfect (the temperatures had just dropped and it was nice, crisp, fall weather with clear blue skies), and I’m proud of myself for planning the whole thing in a place I’d never even heard of until a few weeks ago. Very rarely do I take that kind of lead over planning trips. But more importantly my boyfriend and I went into the weekend with a really positive mindset and we made it a lot of fun. The ziplining/obstacle course and horse-back rides were a little difficult at times, but they gave us something to bond over, took our minds off our daily stresses, and kept us from spending the weekend starting at glowing screens. Isn’t that all anyone wants in a vacation?


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