Revisiting Domino


Pulled out these babies yesterday.

It’s fun looking through design ideas I liked several years ago, but re-visiting them through the lens of 2013 rather than, say, 2008. Although the issues are not as “fresh” and cutting edge now, I still enjoy them and continue to get ideas as my own life changes. I was in college/just starting graduate school when Domino was in circulation, so my nesting was different than it is now. I am still drawn to many of the same images as before but I pay more attention to details I overlooked the first time around, like scale and layout (areas I’m realizing I struggle with). I gravitate toward a variety of styles but they usually share common characteristics: cozy, natural, uncluttered, containing some some vintage/antique elements. Beyond that, there are so many “looks” I love that I can become overwhelmed. I love English libraries filled with layers of texture and pattern, rows of books, crackling fire places, enveloped in warm, dark colors. Swedish homes, serene and sparse with whitewashed wood and rustic but minimalist decor. Bright and cheerful beach cottages bursting with shades of blue and white, vintage lake houses in muted browns and greens, modern farmhouse-style homes with industrial touches, bed and breakfasts replete with ornate antique furniture and quaint florals, atomic ranches filled with retro novelties, casual L.A. homes draped in Southwestern textiles and inspiration from the outdoors – plenty of plant-life, oranges and pinks.

I long to find a way to pull in all those inspirations and more–finding that mysterious balance of cozy but uncluttered, vintage but not kitschy, eclectic but not an overwhelming, contemporary but not overly-trendy, fresh but timeless, stylish without trying too hard–just perfectly “me”, perfectly designed, on a tight budget. It’s impossible. I honestly don’t know why I obsess over this process, other than the fact that I have always loved beautiful interiors, it’s so satisfying when I get something right, and the process is fun. But I’m starting to realize that when it comes to furnishing/designing/decorating a home, there is no one perfect way to do it–and you can’t do it all. What matters to me, at this point in my life, is just filling out the home so it feels somewhat complete, functional, warm, well-organized, and cohesive.



3 Replies to “Revisiting Domino”

  1. Sweetie, I know where you are coming from. But now, as I hit 40, I have realized that I have to shop with my heart. Study style and observe what others do, but when making your own home, let your heart tell you how to decorate. When your heart skips a beat when you see something, pay attention! That is a good indication that it or something very much like it needs to be in your home. And over time, a wonderfully layered look with develop and it will be your personality. And it will flow together in its way and it will look wonderful! Be patient with yourself! 🙂 It takes time to discover who you are and as you do, your home will follow suit.

    1. Thank you so much for your wise words! Deep down I know you are right, even if I often get too caught up in the moment. In fact, lately I’ve noticed I’m so…engorged on design blogs/images that I’m kind of sick of it all. I am just craving comfortable, simple, modest home. But who am I kidding, I’m still nuts about this stuff. 🙂 I will take your message to heart!

  2. I still have my Domino magazines too. I loved all the styles of homes you mentioned and feel so overwhelmed trying to make those pictures come alive. I love the advice above from Val, and might follow it right toward a chaise I’ve been thinking about:) Thanks for the timely post because once the holidays are over, I’ll be getting inspired to make changes again.

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