Summer in December and Holiday Boundaries


We’ve had a couple of days of sunny, 80 degree weather here in North Florida, although temperatures will drop again soon. The weather brought with it the aura of carefree happiness I associate with summer, and it has deepened my resolve to stay relaxed and positive over the holidays. (Going to the beach yesterday didn’t hurt either.)


I also like these tips for keeping the holidays simple, especially number one, “Establish Your Boundaries”:

I am not responsible for [fill-in-the-blank family member/friend’s] happiness.
If _______ is mad, that is his/her feeling, and it doesn’t have to affect me.
I cannot make ___________ happy.
It’s okay that I am happy and he/she is not.
Good boundaries mean that I don’t let his/her attitude ruin my holiday.
Good boundaries also mean that my feelings matter just as much as his/hers, and I might need to call him/her on it.
[Via The Art of Simple]

Honestly, until recently, I have just not felt like I was in a position to draw boundaries if they conflicted with other people’s desires and expectations. But that is changing. Building off the above suggestions, I can think of other types of boundaries worth establishing (emotional and otherwise) and I am taking the concept to heart.



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