“Almost Time” for Valentine’s

I never really get into the fun of holidays like Valentine’s Day in terms of baking heart-shaped treats or wearing pink or red or anything like that. One day I would like to be a little more festive, but this wasn’t the year. I guess I’m just too lazy. However, my boyfriend and I did watch an absolutely adorable movie last night – About Time. It is basically Anglophile porn made for people like me who eat up all things English-fantasy, from the quirky but loving literary family drinking tea by the sea in Cornwall to the charmingly awkward 20-somethings creating a bohemian love nest in London. And then there’s Rachel McAdams in her array of vintage-style dresses and book nerd chic outfits, glasses, and “fringe.” Sigh. Although the film has some bittersweet moments, it’s mostly very, very cute and happy, which I wanted last night. No delving into moral quandaries over using time travel to manipulate relationships or worrying too much about the sci-fi details. After reading some scathing reviews I’m almost embarrassed to have liked About Time so much, but it was really my kind of lighthearted fun.

I did some Googling and Pinning this morning to find some film stills, and also came across two articles about traveling in Cornwall using the movie as a guide.

About Time


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