In the Air

After six days trekking around in cold, snowy DC for work–in the wrong shoes, no less–I returned home to two cold, rainy days in Florida. But finally, the sun is shining and the weekend is supposed to be beautiful! And now that it’s March, the Saturday downtown market (a sort of farmer’s market/community festival open about nine months out of the year) has returned and I can’t wait to go.

Below are some photos from DC. I admit it was exciting waking up to snow on Monday and feeling the snowflakes stick to my eyelashes and hair as I walked to my conference that morning.  But I’m really happy to be home and ready to get back into my normal routines. I hadn’t even gone grocery shopping in what feels like a month, but yesterday I happily re-stocked my kitchen. Now I need to get this house in order and get myself in order. Spring is in the air and I’m thankful.








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