Forgiving Morning Light

There are lots of little things slightly “off” in the dining room – do the chairs really go with the table? (My mom says no.) Are the curtains an awkward length for those windows? (Yes.) Doesn’t the leaning mirror seem sort of just randomly stuck in that corner, like we had no where else to put it? (We didn’t.) There are scratches in the table and on the floor, way too many wood tones going on (you can’t even see the big framed art print here), visible holes in the walls, paint splatters here and there, and let’s not even mention the bulky dark ceiling fan that hovers dominantly over the table but somehow never quite makes it into photographs.

Still, like most people, rooms have good angles and not-so-flattering angles, and they can all benefit from great lighting. And sometimes I walk by and the sunlight is streaming in like this and all those little details don’t matter. In fact, together, they look just lovely.



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