A Welcome Return

Where do I begin? So much has happened since I last updated – most notably, my wedding! But that will be a post for another day. Today I am just excited to find myself revisiting favorite blogs with interest for the first time in a long time. To be thinking about ways to make this fresh start with my husband special. To see my dog again soon, who’s been staying with my parents while we are on our honeymoon.

Our honeymoon. We both agree it has been our best trip together and it helped solidify a stronger emphasis on travel as we start our married life. In particular being surrounded by French speakers gave us a little thrill of being out of our comfort zone (though just about everyone was bilingual). Of the excessive number of photos I’ve taken, below is a comparably tiny selection.


















A few favorite memories off the top of my head:

We met a couple from Maine named Lillian and Angelo in a Quebec City pub one night. We chatted as they ate dinner, my husband drank a beer, and I had a cappuccino with a slice of “sugar pie.” They first came to Quebec City and Montreal for their honeymoon 53 years ago!

Another night a group of college freshman approached us on a pier in Montreal to tell us that we looked very romantic. They were five days into their “frosh” orientation, most were new to the city themselves, and their excitement was contagious. I felt old but not totally uncool. 😉

We had the best seats in the house at the Chinatown restaurant where noodles were made from scratch (which onlookers could watch through the window from the street) and the food seemed to inspire conversation. Many friendly folks approached us to ask about our meals and a lovely Vietnamese woman sat with us for dinner. Though I am a vegetarian I tried to be adventurous for the sake of travel and give the noodles a shot, but I really couldn’t stomach more than a few bites due to the beef broth. A vegetarian option would have been SO good. I am still glad I made the effort as it was a really fun experience, down to the comically over-sized bowls we inadvertently ordered for ourselves.

I also loved taking the train between the two cities and enjoyed the slower pace we began to adopt after the first few days of frenetic exploring. More than once we stopped to read or simply lie in the grass and I treasured those peaceful moments. We did a river cruise, a double decker bus tour, and of course spent many hours on foot each day. Both hotel stays included a fabulous breakfast I looked forward to eagerly each morning, and I got into the routine of soaking my tired feet in a hot, luxurious bath most evenings, a habit I hope to keep up at home. The weather was absolutely perfect the entire trip. Coming from Florida in August it was a relief from the extreme heat, but was warm and breezy, and we did not have a single drop of rain.

On another note, I’m giving Instagram a shot. I set up an account early this year, mainly to look at wedding vendors’ photos (IG is apparently the place to be for florists, makeup artists, bakers, and so on..), but during my honeymoon I decided to go more active. Several friends uploaded photos of our wedding on Instagram that I wanted to see and it seemed like a fun way to help document the trip. My username is ErinToniRose.

There is still about a week before I return to work and I think I’ll be blogging again soon as I happily shift gears to this new phase in my life.


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