Lover of: parks and other pretty outdoor spaces, antiques, idealized images of Great Britain, Apartment Therapy, Indian food, cute cafes, dreamy light, walking, hardwood floors, de-cluttering, massages, a Chihuahua-mutt named Herman

Prone to: buyer’s remorse, vanity, self-consciousness, laziness, introversion, anxiety & stress, digging holes deeper, rambling, eating cheesy pasta, falling asleep in makeup, talking like a baby, getting neck & back pain, spending too much time online, editing or deleting lame blog posts

Strives for (but doesn’t always succeed at…):¬†minimalism & simple living, decorating the home, plant-based eating, personal finance, having blow-dried hair, building a grown-up wardrobe, reading more books, exercising, making new friends, engaging in the community, all around self-improvement and inner peace

Most recently: a newlywed!


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