A Perfect June Morning

Mid-afternoon dog walks are scorching this time of year, but 7:30 a.m. on a June morning is my idea of perfection. We went to the “big park,” a little further away than several others, but even the drive felt dreamy…the local college radio station is great on weekends, the roads were empty, the sun was still coming up. At the park, the wildlife was out and about in full force. Just wonderful. This is what weekends are for.










Pretty Little Things





Backyard Soiree


My weekend, in bullet form (starting Thursday evening):

  • Thursday – attended reading group at the Unitarian Universalist chuch
  • Friday – vacation day; traveled to Jacksonville Beach; began looking at wedding venues including a cute little art gallery; hung out with fiance’s family
  • Saturday – ate breakfast at my favorite beach diner; toured one more wedding venue; attended an old friend’s wedding (the backyard soiree) with many other friends from high school and danced a lot; spent the night at my parents’ home, which was a full house – both my siblings and their significant others were there too
  • Sunday – did Mother’s Day brunch with my parents and my future mother-in-law; hung out with family a little longer; traveled back to Tallahassee; watched a good movie on TCM while eating Indian food; called an old friend to catch up




Ten Days in Scotland

The past week threw me some curve balls, the worst of which entailed a pretty serious and worrisome day at the vet for my dog Herman.  I actually had several appointments scheduled to look at potential wedding venues in Jacksonville on Saturday, but I decided to scrap those plans since I didn’t think Herman should be traveling, and I wanted to spend time with him and monitor him closely.

So instead, it’s been a quiet weekend at home, but it’s also been a creative one! For one thing I rescued some furniture and decor from the curb and put it to work on my front deck and in the backyard. It’s nice stuff in perfectly good condition (like those industrial metal bar stools that are everywhere right now); some neighbors must be moving and I’m so glad I spotted their castoffs first! And on a whim I decided yesterday was the day to make my first Blurb book, something I’ve wanted to do with my photos for many years. I tried it out with my pictures from a trip to Scotland I took in 2010–I called it “Ten Days in Scotland” and divided the book into two sections, film and digital photos.  I ordered a copy so we’ll see how it looks in person. Here a few snippets, though anyone who’s followed my blogs over the years has no doubt seen many of these before!


Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland bookDigital:

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

Scotland book

In the back I included some shots of my tour group,  my grandparents (whom I traveled with), and me. But I can be shy about taking pictures of people, especially people I know. My grandfather in particular proved much more resistant to being photographed than the lochs or hairy coo. I literally only got one decent picture of both grandparents, the candid photo below (that’s a feather in my grandmother’s hair). But I really like it.




And so the wedding talk begins..


…Because you know I ain’t got no restraint.

We are hoping for a fairly short engagement (5-6 months) although until we have a venue and a date set, I can’t be sure. We are already starting the planning process though. I thought it might seem “too soon” but with family already asking about a date, I look forward to getting some of the basics nailed down.

And let’s face it, anyone who follows me on Pinterest knows good and well I was prepared to get moving; this engagement wasn’t a totally unexpected development. Also, I tend to go through phases when it comes to how I spend my internet browsing leisure time: for a few months it might be all about home decor, then vintage fashion, then minimalism, then plant-based eating, then travel, then personal finance, and so on. And admittedly, weddings have been included in the cycle a few times over the years, and I know what I like.


Without a doubt, I love intimate, chic city weddings. Somewhat low-key and non-traditional, but glamorous. Often held in cool restaurants (or sometimes in other elegant/historic/interesting venues) with a warm ambiance, minimal added decor, and a focus on good food and conversation. These seem to be more the norm in places like New York City, Chicago, or San Francisco than the rest of the country, at least from what I’ve seen online. But I like the thought of doing a Floridian twist on that “city chic” approach with our closest friends and family in Jacksonville.



So here’s to staying grounded. Here’s to wearing the knee-length sheath dress I already bought on Ebay (yup) and having a simple enough wedding to match. Here’s to remembering what really matters as we embark on these short-term and long-term journeys. Have I mentioned I’m squealing with excitement about all of this? I am!!!


Destiny Awaits

Destiny Awaits…that was the prom theme in 2003, when we went together as friends (see top left picture below). That was 8 years before we started dating (not counting one awkward date to the movies junior year), and 11 years before we got engaged.

He proposed today in the gazebo of my beloved Lake Ella park (where I take so many pictures), with my dog there to witness the whole thing. Then we went out to a nice French restaurant to celebrate!